7 Components of Successful Customer-Oriented Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce opens the door to an incredible number of new opportunities for a business, giving a chance to reduce expenses, work 24/7, enter new markets, and be limited only to the boundaries of the planet Earth.

If you want to be among leaders in your field and feel that you’re on the right track, the first thing you should care about is how to satisfy you customers. You should know certain things that attract people when they visit an ecommerce website.

Let’s check them out:

1. Professional Design

What do you think forms first impression of an ecommerce website? Broad selection of products? Free delivery? Loads of reviews?

Nope! Visitors can’t know such details at once, but what they do know in a split second is whether they like the website or not. So, it is design that makes first impression of an ecommerce website. When the design is professional, shoppers are likely to believe that your products and services are professional as well.

2. Engaging Content

If you want your ecommerce business to prosper and sure enough you do, you need to engage your customers with useful and amusing content and use social media within and outside your own website. Your ecommerce website is not only an online store, but also a content site.  Through social media your company can get closer to customers, understand their needs better and show them its personality. When people get helpful information and feel that you are real, they stop thinking that everything you want is to sell them your stuff.

3. Comprehensive Product Information

The obvious difference between in-store selling and ecommerce is that traditional stores offer customers the advantage of being able to touch an item, examine its every side, read information on the label, and never doubt that when they buy the product, it will be of the same shape, colour and size.

However, you still have a great opportunity to provide your website visitors with enjoyable shopping experience by introducing high quality images and rich product information. Clearly, one image is not enough to communicate the physical appearance of an item, as customers want to see it from different angles. And don’t forget about descriptions with sizes, materials, weight, dimensions, care instructions, and any other information that might be helpful.

4. User-Friendly Navigation

Make sure you have logically arranged categories in your catalog and an adequate site search engine, and let customer be happy with the catch while looking for a specific product on your website. It’s half the battle!

You can also give a helping hand by providing information about related products, as not all visitors come to your ecommerce website after making up their mind about the exact product they want to buy.

5. One-Page Checkout

People like to browse around ecommerce websites, choose products, look them all over, and add to shopping carts, but the case is somewhat different when it comes to checkout process. There’s nothing worse for a customer than clicking on endless pages with a single desire – to put an end to all that hell. So don’t give buyers a hard time, take care about their needs and reduce the number of checkout pages to one.

6. High Security Level

Don’t stop making your ecommerce website customer-oriented, go whole hog and add privacy policy to the page footer. Tell your customers that the information provided by them is kept in strict confidence and is not shared with anybody else. This will gain their trust and ensure that the information is safe and protected.

7. Advanced Customer Service

Unfortunately, everything that was said above is worthless if you ignore your customers’ complaints and problems. Let people feel that you care about them and do your best to make their shopping experience as comfortable as it’s possible. It is much easier to look after existing customers than to attract new ones.

Remember, it is a customer who makes your business run, so come on, build a customer-oriented ecommerce website. Give it a try. You’ll sure enjoy it!

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