CS-Cart Aromas Store template is released

Dear clients and viewers, today we’ve got a pleasure to represent you our new CS-Cart Aromas Store template. What distinguishes this particular template from other our templates is its amazingly beautiful, classy and refined design. The CS-Cart Aromas Store template looks as if it reflects delicate aroma of an expensive perfume, beauty of lines and color saturation.
We would recommend this template to owners of all the variety of perfume and cosmetics e-stores, as well as for different accessories and fashionable clothing e-stores.

But we shouldn’t forget that besides its visual appeal, the CS-Cart Aromas Store template has also very impressive technical features that are based on the latest e-commerce technologies. We’d like to add that the skin is completely integrated with the cs-cart standard functionality, so you can use any blocks giving to your products more polish and beauty.

The CS-Cart Aromas Store template is a great example of combination of beauty and functionality.

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