CS-Cart Facebook Connect addon is released

CartTuning team has just released our absolutely new addon that is called CS-Cart Facebook Connect.

carttuning_facebook_releasedNowadays it is undeniable fact that social networks, for example the famous one Facebook and many others, have a great influence on the modern society. Each of us spends some time in social networks, someone more someone less but still. No one can argue that posting some news about products, sales and promotions, any advertisement positioning or even just the existence of the page in social networks can increase significantly the rating and sales of any e-store and even make it more recognizable.

CS-Cart Facebook Connect module has a lot of advantages. First of all it can help you to attract new customers to the site and in general to quicken customers’ interest in the products of your e-store. Secondly, due to social plugins you can see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web. And thirdly this particular addon will help to integrate your e-store into social networks and as a result to reach a wider audience.

Now let’s speak about addon features. It worth mentioning that it has 2 types of options: addition functionality for detailed product page and facebook social plugins via cs-cart block manager. This module supports 9 facebook social plugins such as “Like Box”, “Like Button”, “Send Button”, “Subscribe Button”, “Facepile”, “Comments”, “Activity Feed”, “Recommendations Box”, “Recommendations Bar”. And it’s also equipped with Facebook buttons such as “Like” button and “Send” button bellow product’s title and facebook as well as it has “Comments” as a separate tabs on detailed product page.

To sum up we’d like to say that Facebook Connect addon it is one of the most universal addons and it has a wide range of applications, so it can be used for different types of e-stores and it’ll be really useful for various purposes.

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