CS-Cart FAQ Addon is released

CS-Cart FAQ addon saw the light of the day!

Sometimes the owners of e-stores don’t pay enough attention to such an important component of an e-commerce as FAQs. But this is a great omission. carttuning_faq_releasedIn our opinion, FAQs play an important role in draw custom and development of an e-store. There are various reasons for this. First of all, FAQs help the owner of an e-store to find out and then to cope with some existing or appearing bugs or problems of a site. Also due to FAQs the owner of an e-store can take into account some customers’ wishes or advice and as a result to meet their needs. And finally FAQs or any other feedback help you to monitor the work of a whole site.

Now as you can see the importance of FAQs we can speak about FAQ Addon. So if the visitors of you site often ask you the same questions, if you need to “copy-paste” answers on these questions, and finally if you need to have more opportunities for seo-optimization than this particular addon will be the best choice for you, because it facilitates dramatically whole this routine work.

Let’s speak about some features of the FAQ Addon. As we have already mentioned, it is very useful for answering on FAQs, because it has all the necessary instruments, user-friendly interface and it’s really easy to work. Moreover it has 4 themes that will make your site look uniquely. One very important feature of this addon is that it can be used in three areas of your website in various forms: as separate tabs on detailed product pages, blocks on different parts and pages of the site, and a separate FAQ page. And the last but not least is a user friendly FAQ management in admin area.

For more detailed information about this addon you can contact us.

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