CS-Cart Flash Banner addon is released

Our new addon has just come out! It is extremely catching addon that is called CS-Cart Flash Banner.

CartTuning Flash BannerIt’s one of the most easy-to-use and user friendly addons. At the same time we’d like to make an emphasis on the CS-Cart Flash Banner’s distinctive feature that is Live Preview in the administration area which dramatically facilitates the work of your store. Moreover it has as 15 various transition effects each of that has a demo including different variants of an effect direction. 37 variations of transition effects that will make your shop look uniquely. As well as you can find on our site an easy-to-understand and detailed description with demo of all the effects of this addon.

By the way using CS-Cart Flash Banner you will be able to see how your flash banner looks like right after adding slides and saving settings that is extremely important for continuous work of your store.

Concluding we can say that if you are interested in drawing new customers and sparking the interest of your permanent customers, giving them the latest information about new products, sales and promotions than CS-Cart Flash Banner will be the best choice for you.

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