CS-Cart Futuris Store template is released

Today is a big day for all the fans of cs-cart. Our CartTuning team has just released our absolutely new and unique cs-cart theme with ample features. And the name of this theme is Futuris template.

If you wonder what completely new and unique features does this particular cs-cart template has, then let’s look in detail at its features.

CS-Cart Futuris Store is premium clean and elegant template for cs-cart which attracts attention especially by its simplicity and great features for customization. First of all it is worth mentioning that this skin will be a perfect choice for any kind of e-stores, but it is also necessary to say that it will be best suitable for the following types of e-stores such as shoes, clothing, accessories, jewelry, perfumer’s and all the other different fashion e-stores. The availability of features for customization provides significant advantages for creating of several stores with different color ranges and all this options are based on the same template. You won’t need any more to change the css or the template code, all that you will need is just to specify the required values in the config file and after all these few and simple operations your new theme will be done!

Now let’s look at opportunities and flexibility which provides this skin:

– change the background color in the header;
– change the texture in the header (10 variants are available);
– change the color of the shopping cart icon to one of the five available options (white, black, gray, blue and red);
– change the background color in the prefooter;
– change the texture in prefooter (10 variants are available);
– 4 colors of headers are available for blocks and plus 4 more colors can be defined by yourself, you just need to specify the necessary ones in the configuration file;
– change the main color of the “Add to cart” button color and color on mouse over.

We would like to emphasize the fact that you won’t need any special knowledge of css and html, because you can do it all in the specific configuration file. So this template will be extremely useful not only for cs-cart professional edition, but also for cs-cart ultimate edition, because you’ll be able to create your own unique color range for each particular store.

Do not lose the opportunity to buy such an easy-to-use and elegant template!

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