CS-Cart Product Slider addon is released

Today we release one of our best modules. It’s CS-Cart Product Slider.

Want to make your store brighter or to draw your visitors’ attention to important products? Then no doubt you’ll be happy to take advantage of our product slider with a brilliant set of 7 sliding effects. And even more inspiring is the fact that the slider offers 9 amazing unique themes which are able to make any page on your website much more catching and attractive. The slider will draw attention to new arrivals, most popular, discounted and unique products and offers. All this can be shown using the magnificent slider.

One of the additional features of our Product Slider is customization of such elements as buttons, labels, prices, and discount labels. The slider offers 6 variants of ‘Add to cart’ button, 2 variants of ‘In stock’ label, 6 variants of the label on the product picture and 12 variants of text to it. Moreover, you can activate a beautiful ‘Hot’ label and highlight your price with a yellow label.

When adding a block with the product slider you can choose one of 9 themes and adjust additional settings such as autoplay, timer bar activation, navigation, time of an effect, rotation delay, and many more.

Check out the themes and the demo-version of the module and see how useful this product can be to your cs-cart based store.

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