RC Roller’s website: where creative ideas were combined with the stable CS-Cart platform

RC Roller is a brand new project — an e-commerce/online hobby store — dedicated to radio controlled cars and helicopters — that we have just finished. It is based on the CS-Cart engine,which we improved and upgraded to embody the client’s vision of this project.


The client, who has developed fast-growing community dedicated to radio controlled (RC) models and everything connected to this relatively new, but already popular, hobby,asked our team to create a conceptual and popular RC hobby store that could attract the attention of potential RC hobbyists, as well as faithful fans who have been into this hobby for many years.

The mission for our designers and copywriters was to create a friendly, family-like Internet community, where people from all over the world could gather to communicate, get interesting graphic and textual content, catch the latest RC-related news, and buy RC drift cars, RC helicopters, helicopter parts, and MST spare parts via the store.

The mission for our programmers was to build and maintain a highly-functional hobby store that could simultaneously fulfill two functions: as an e-commerce shop and as an online community for RC Roller’s users.

The mission for our PR team was to make the RC Roller community recognizable as a brand, to inform the Interment community of the new significant player in the market of RC toys, and to attract new customers to the website. The initial task here was to raise the conversion of sales of RC Roller’s products.

Working Process

After getting the main idea of how the project should look and feel at the end of our work, we started to think over the strategy, and immersed ourselves into the planning process, along with our creative team of designers and copywriters. In this way, the designers created the concept of the smart-looking and friendly design that would draw the attention of RC enthusiasts. The copywriters were challenged to create multilingual textual content describing each aspect of RC Roller’s work. In this stage, we developed the conceptual design, and discussed the graphic and textual content.

This discussion involved brainstorming with the programmers, who suggested creating an online portal on the versatile CS-Cart platform to fulfill the request for a multi-functional web community with an e-commerce store. The second stage began when the programmers and designers joined efforts to work on the visual and technical background of the project.

The third stage of the project development was dedicated to filling in the beta-version of the website with the previously discussed and prepared, which was done simultaneously with the site’s building and the designing of the content — images and descriptions of products, articles, tips and news for RC Roller’s users, etc.

The final stage mostly involved the creation of the proper image for the brand of RC Roller by our PR team. We launched the multi-channel PR campaign for RC Roller by posting press-releases dedicated to its exclusive content and products, creating profiles of the community on diverse social networking platforms, and by working on raising interest in the products of available in the website’s store.


The development process was both exciting and challenging, requiring our team to learn and provide innovative methods of design and programming in order to achieve the goals of this project. The client was surprised and satisfied by the quick, well thought out, and coordinated work of all members of the CartTuning’s team. All stages of the mission are completed, and now we are looking forward to continuing to work on this project in order to monetize it in multiple ways. We will promote the RC Roller brand via social networks, and other highly competitive web resources, and create multi-channel PR campaigns to live up to the investments made to create this specific and innovative niche for the brand.

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  • Alex Boyd

    You guys build some seriously awesome designs

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